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AAA School of Advertising flying high on Loeries success. Posted: AAA School of Advertising – Randburg Campus. Radio campaigns remain highly reliant on the quality of the copywriting and the School is pleased to announce that the Randburg campus made a clean sweep of the student awards in this category.

Want to get into marketing or advertising? Want to know what it’s all about and how? Then the AAA Open Day is where you need to be! Tomorrow – 3 October at. Get your marketing communications career on course at AAA School of Advertising. Ideas can change the world. If your mind is #BrilliantlyDifferent, unleash its full potential at the birthplace of brilliant – the AAA School of Advertising.


Cingulate At Cingulate, as a full-service, cross-marketing and advertising agency we offer you a ° spectrum of agency services from strategy and concept development, to creative design. The AAA School of Advertising is the most-awarded school in South Africa.

Browse our awards gallery and see the student creative that has won at the Loeries and Pendoring awards. Study at AAA School of Advertising, South Africa's premier tertiary institute for advertising and marketing communications.

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