Assignment on shipyard of bd

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Assignment on Shipyard of Bd

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Assignment on Shipyard of Bd

CHAPTER – I: INTRODUCTION Background of the Study ASSL is the largest shipyard in the private sector in Bangladesh and is the flagship in Ananda Group of nine companies & industries. Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Ltd. [ASSL] emerged as a limited company in The goodwill, experience, equipment, and manpower of the shipbuilding division of Ananda Builders Ltd, an.

Nasal Sprays. worked in Bangladesh's $19 billion-a-year industry.

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export market USA (textile) USA (clothing) EU (textile) EU (clothing) 4% 2%. Ernest Lattimore Jr., a former contractor and Philadelphia Naval Shipyard employee, died on Wednesday, March 7, He was He was affectionately known as “Junie.” He was born on May Assignment on Shipyard of Bd Essay Ananda Shipyard and Slipways Limited (ASSL) were incorporated in 2 June as a private limited company.

It was converted to public limited company on 20 December by a special resolution. The ASSL has undertaken various projects for the Government and private companies of Bangladesh and for.

a)3 years training in marine academy, chittagong, bangladesh. b)bsc in marine engineering from national university, bangladesh. c)advance diploma in marine engineering from s’pore polytechnic.

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CERTIFICATE OF COMPETENCY MARINE ENGINEERING OFFICERS CLASS-1 (MOTOR SHIP) FROM SINGAPORE. University of Dhaka Department of International Business Assignment on Shipping Industries Submitted to Rakibuddin Lecturer of Department of International Business University of Dhaka Submitted by NameID Karima rahman07 Mahedi Hasan32 Zahin Fairuza45 Pervez Imtiaz47 Mustafa Iqbal58 Iffat khan Chowdury76 Department of .

Assignment on shipyard of bd
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