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Pre-Law Advising

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Programs and Statistics. Do you have any joint degree programs? Yes. We have a JD-PhD program with The Graduate School and a JD-MBA program with the Kellogg School of Management. We also offer two JD-LLM programs: JD-LLM in International Human Rights and JD-LLM in Taxation.

Do you have a part-time or evening program?

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A law school (also known as a law centre or college of law) is an institution specializing in legal education, usually involved as part of a process for becoming a lawyer within a given jurisdiction.

The Columbia Three-Year J.D./M.B.A. Program prepares students for effective and creative leadership at the intersection of business and law. Jeremy L. Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L.

Goldstein & Associates LLC, a boutique law firm dedicated to advising compensation committees, CEOs, management teams and corporations in executive compensation and corporate governance matters, particularly as such issues arise in the context of transformative corporate events and sensitive situations.

Adelaide Law School has launched a new program - Graduate Certificate in Insolvency Law which will address the role of insolvency law, the process and the legislative framework of insolvency practice in Australia and beyond.

Coursework law school
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