Effective school leadership

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Seven Keys to Effective Feedback

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The eight qualities of successful school leaders

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Leadership and Management

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Great leadership is the key to success in any school.


The best schools will have an effective school leader or group of leaders. Leadership not only sets the stage for long-term achievement, but it ensures that there will be sustainability long after their gone. Effective School Leadership: A Handbook for Aspiring and Experienced Leaders is about effective school leadership, what it is, what is involved, and how to attain it.

The primary objective of this book is to provide a frame of reference to help school administrators function more effectively in our increasingly challenging and demanding school.

Leadership Team

Effective school leaders foster all the components of effective schools, creating environments that support effective teachers — with the result that excellent teaching and learning take place for all students.

Effective leadership begins with the development of a school-wide vision of commitment to high standards and the success of all students. The principal helps to spell out that vision and get all others on board with it. The essential information and key skills nurses need to become effective managers and leaders More than ever before, today’s rapidly changing, volatile healthcare environment demands highly developed management skills and superb leadership.

Who would dispute the idea that feedback is a good thing? Both common sense and research make it clear: Formative assessment, consisting of lots of feedback and opportunities to use that feedback, enhances performance and achievement.

Effective school leadership
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