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Norton Motorcycle Company

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Norton Motorcycle Company

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This is a list of cotton spinning mills, weaving sheds, bleachers and dyers and other textile mills in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan in Greater Manchester, England. They are in the former townships of Ashton-in-Makerfield, Aspull, Astley, Atherton, Bedford, Leigh, Golborne, Haigh Hindley Ince-in-Makerfield, Orrell, Pennington, Leigh, Standish.

The Century Foundation is a progressive, nonpartisan think tank that seeks to foster opportunity, reduce inequality, and promote security at home and abroad. GESIPA® is continuously strengthening its capabilities as GESIPA GROUP CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for Blind Rivet Nuts and Nut Studs GESIPA®has invested in its UK manufacturing.

The Norton Motorcycle Company (formerly Norton Motors, Ltd.) is a British motorcycle marque, originally from Birmingham, redoakpta.com was founded in as a manufacturer of "fittings and parts for the two-wheel trade".

Bythe company began manufacturing motorcycles with bought-in engines. GESIPA® is continuously strengthening its capabilities as GESIPA GROUP CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for Blind Rivet Nuts and Nut Studs GESIPA®has invested in its UK manufacturing.

List of mills in Wigan

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Hopwood manufacturing a
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