How working in high school gave me an edge and changed my life

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The teachers who inspired us, and even changed the trajectories of our lives

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My High School Librarian Gave Me a Potentially ‘Banned’ Book That Changed My Life

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God is preparing you for great things

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High school started on a bad note for me. I was saturated in bitterness and hatred. Two years later, the Lord broke my pride and me. My junior year, I didn’t take as many classes, so my school friends were down to zero.

My teacher, Ms. Bowen, told me I could use the art studio whenever I wanted to, and gave me access to all kinds of new paints and canvasses.

I spent almost every lunch period there for a few years, and regularly stayed in the studio after school ended. It looks like you've lost connection to our server.

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I would like to dedicate this article to the sad occasion of the passing last month of my dear high school teacher, Olivia Balian, who changed my life with a noble gesture. She worked so hard to send me to private schools all through out kindergarten all the way to High School.

Yep, I went to a private Catholic school. So graduating was a huge accomplishment for me in my family, since most of my cousins didn’t do so well in school.

How working in high school gave me an edge and changed my life
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The teachers who inspired us, and even changed our lives | TED Blog