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Academic Summary and Analytical Defense Overview: By now, students should have a clearer understanding of the format they work to follow.

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Your opinions and judgments are needed in the summary. Middle summaries based on newspaper archives allows students to practice both topic and writing.

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Use the time rubric below as a checklistof what you must instill about yourself in your important summary.

Summary Assignment

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Our response should be at least mediums about one page and should have the following question:. Devry COLL week 8 Professional Summary Assignment. This week, you will have one final assignment. It is a comprehensive assignment of sorts that will ask you to reflect on what you have learned about yourself throughout this course.

NOVEL STUDY PLAN and WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS 1. Choose a novel and a partner who is reading the same book. You will have one week (or cycle) to read a part and to complete the assignment.

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3. Submit your reading plan with your names and the name of the novel that you are reading. These will be charted and returned to you promptly. Summary (5%. Assignment 1: Academic Summary and Analytical Response. Overview: Throughout your academic career you will be asked to summarize and respond to the materials you engage with.

This assignment will ask you to choose a text and explain its purpose within the context of our course theme.

The basic format of this assignment is straightforward: read an article, write an MLA citation, write a bulleted outline, write a paragraph of summary. Those deceptively basic skills provide the foundation for considerable progress in student writing.

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Summary of learning points: Make sure that you understand the assignment instructions and follow them carefully. The terminology of case note assignments varies, but they will usually include a summary of the case and a critical analysis.

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