Thesis on parental involvement in low income schools

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A critical analysis of parental involvement in the education of learners in rural Namibia

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Traditional Parent Involvement Policies: Schools serving diverse or low-income populations have been criticized for having a deficit view of parents and communities. The idea that parental involvement has positive influence on students' academic achievement is so intuitively appealing that society in general, and educators in particular, have considered.

investigates academic effects, fiscal effects, impact upon low-income and minority students, parental involvement and satisfaction, and public opinion of school choice programs.

Using a sample of urban children from low-income families from the Chicago Longitudinal Study, this paper analyzes the effects of early parental involvement in school activities on long-term educational outcomes and finds that having average or above level of parental involvement in the early years of elementary school was associated with on.

Percentages of Latino/a students and low-income students in schools did not significantly moderate the average parental home or school involvement across students and across schools. The results of this study have implications for educators and policy makers to promote Latino/a parent-teacher collaboration in the middle school learning environment.

children when it comes to parental involvement in schools, in the traditional sense. Research has indicated disconnects between parents’ engagement, as well as support, in school activities, and because of this shift, schools have been forced to take much of the responsibility in educating students, both academically and socially.

Thesis on parental involvement in low income schools
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