Walmart current ratio

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Amazon Rivalry at Core of Partnership With Walmart: Microsoft CEO

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If pinnacle, choose from among the reference members' places of business or similar meanings. What is target debt ratio? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki.

5 Answers. Wray Rives, CPA CGMA. Answered Oct 7, · Author has k answers and m answer views. First debt ratio is total debt divided by total assets.

Target debt ratio is a ratio that management, lenders or outside investors set to insure that the business is not too highly.

Lastly, Walmart has a current P/S ratio of, which is less than the industry average of Typically speaking, a low P/S ratio signifies a good investment opportunity for investors. In Walmart’s case, the P/S ratio absolutely reflects that the stock in undervalued.

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Walmart Stores ratio analysis, I am looking for at least 12 comparative ratios (for current and prior year) spread across the four major categories of ratios. Current Ratio = Current assets.

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Walmart current ratio
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